Who are we?

We are a collaboration of Accountants and Consultants who have come together and found a way to help taxpayers understand their tax position each and every year.

Tax International primary goal is to help taxpayers nationwide who dont have an accountant and usually go to most convenient tax preparation business in their community. Each year, the major problem that taxpayers face is not being well informed to take advantage of various strategies that generate better tax refunds and reduce all tax debt. Something the local tax preparation services are not concerned with.

Tax International was designed to educate taxpayers with information that will create suitable planning procedures; in return taxpayers become less concerned about audits.

When our tax strategies are implemented correctly each taxpayer will have the luxury of learning how to apply every deduction and exemption that our accountants have dedicated countless hours studying and gaining knowledge of. In addition to our services, there are business opportunities for motivated individuals who are willing to create business interest and help other taxpayers discover and take advantage of our services.

Preparing your own income taxes can be a difficult and painful process. At Tax International our tax advisors understand your tax issues and are eager to answer all of your questions.

We have the time, the patience and the resources available to help you prepare your tax return and receive the maximum refund applicable to you in a reasonable amount of time. Basically, our goal is to advise you on everything concerning your taxes. "Everyone Should Benefit" is our commitment.